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Life can be crazy. It is a constant pursuit of our dreams and is running without a stop.
There is always going to be an errand to run, deadlines to meet or the world to save. And to even think of stepping back for a moment seems inane. But perhaps that is exactly what we need. To hit Refresh.
We forget how we are the ones having the control. All we need to do, is to “F5” our mind, and revive for a second. Imagine what we could achieve if only we stepped out from this mundane routine of a life and saw the world from a different, fresher perspective. The world does not need an impetuous generation of hot heads. It needs people who think, reflect and inspire. It needs people with a sound mind and conscience, capable of bringing a change.
There is so much going on around us, leaving the possibility to absorb to a bare minimum. Let us not reach that saturation point just yet. Let us not burnout just yet. Our affinity to learn, embrace and create is what makes us. Life remains where it is. A quick “F5” is just to refresh ourselves, wherever we stand. The “F5” is to refresh the window, through which we see our lives.
So, Pause. Refresh. Revise. Give yourself a chance to revisit ideas, hurdle through them and form something solid and productive. After all, it is all about having Ideas that Inspire.

About Us

TEDxShivajiCollege, an independently organized event, brings together different isles of ideas in an attempt to create change. The event aims to step on the venture of imagination and to walk towards providing a platform to showcase the true potential stored in a single idea; henceforth acting as the sole emergent to start a conversation. When the personas with varied experience and expertise in their respective fields come together with the creative aspects of general minds, ideas sparkle and change emerges. And this is exactly what TEDxShivajiCollege hopes to achieve.
At TEDxShivajiCollege, we believe that the change in how one thinks may be the best way to change the world. That’s what the event aspires to do.


Mohammad Kaif

Former Cricketer

Pooja Kaif


Divya Prakash Dubey

Author, Storyteller

Dr Niladri Chatterjee

Professor, IIT, Delhi

Suhani Jalota

CEO/Founder, Myna Mahila Foundation

Rudrani Chettri


Anamika Singh

Performer/Dancer, Founder - ADAA

Shruti Sharma

Founder, Books On The Delhi Metro

Ginnie Mahajan

Radio Jockey, Radio City, Delhi

Amrut Bhat

Drum Circle Facilitator


As part of the TED ethos we want to share great ideas with the world and part of that action is getting the students involved.
In this spirit, we piloted a few activities around campus to brew the interest of the people and get them to participate and contribute their ideas and thoughts to the event.


#BruPeAao is one of our ongoing activities where each week we put up a new question for our students and provide a space for them to share their thoughts. It could be a simple “What makes you happy” or even “One fictional character you’d want to bring to life”. Anything that would spark the inquisitiveness within.
The sole purpose of this activity is to keep the spirit of Idea sharing stirring and going.

•Locate X

Another part of our invigorating activities, wherein our audience had to locate the shape of ‘X’, all around their surroundings; an attempt to filter through their creative lens. The same was shared on social media, in the spirit that ‘an idea can be anywhere, a person just has to look around to find it.’
The sole purpose of this activity was to keep the dynamic of ideas worth sharing.


We started with a few, and now a family is here to share the dreams together and converting them into reality. A determined family to make TEDxShivajiCollege the most welcoming, humble, passionate and prosperous place, as it can be.
Meet our freshly brewed crew, a hard-working group of individuals, ready to refresh your life with a pinch of creativity.



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