November 5 , 2019
Shivaji College , University Of Delhi



The theme RESONATE revolves around the idea of striking a chord and harmonizing with the human psyche. To resonate with someone's experience is to share a singular wavelength.
The feeling of this vibrancy can come from simply a conversation or the way a person made you feel. It can be found between the covers of a book, in a melody or through the simple act of sharing of our coinciding stories, feelings and thoughts.
This concept of connection perpetuates the idea that we are not alone. There's resonance in each and every one of us. When one resonates with something, it creates a significant and powerful experience along with a vibe of reaching deeper aspect of life . It brings forth a sense of togetherness and deep harmony. It gives a sense of belonging to a real world.
It's this power to resonate that brings us, as a society, to come and work together on a common ground, to appreciate the diversities and learn from each other.
We, at TEDxShivajicollege, aim to inspire all with this sense of affinity by providing a platform to share ideas and experiences.